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Welcome to the UC Berkeley (UCB) and Univ. Tokyo (UT)

Advanced Summer School in Radiation Detection & Measurements!



Given the remarkable advances in radiation detection and measurements achieved recently for a broad range of applications, this summer school aims at illustrating these advances and their impact as well as their drivers for these applications.

This is the third international summer school on advanced concepts in radiation detection and associated applications. The first summer school was held in 2008 on the UC Berkeley campus, the second was held in Kiyosato in Japan. We now look forward to another successful summer school back on the UC Berkeley campus. It contrast to the previous summer schools we will combine lectures from experts in their respective fields with laboratory experiments and demonstrations.  The focus topic this year is solid-state detectors, e.g. detectors made of semiconductor and scintillation materials.

While the focus of this lecture series is on graduate students having some basic knowledge and experience in radiation detection, it is open to undergraduate students interested in this field as well. To reflect the international character students from Japan and the U.S. as well as elsewhere are invited.


The summer school is jointly hosted by the Nuclear Engineering Department of UC Berkeley the Nuclear Engineering Department of Univ. Tokyo.

It is sponsored by the Global-Center-of-Excellence of Univ. Tokyo and the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office through the UC Berkeley DONUTS program.



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