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2008 Summer School



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Welcome to the UC Berkeley (UCB) – Univ. Tokyo (UT)

Advanced Summer School in Radiation Detection & Measurements !

Given the remarkable advances in radiation detection and measurements achieved recently for a broad range of applications, this summer school aims at illustrating these advances and their impact as well as their drivers for these applications. It combines lectures from experts in their respective fields and tours of near-by facilities. This lecture series is initially set up as workshop with the focus on graduate students having some basic knowledge and experience in radiation detection. However, it is open to undergraduate students interested in this field as well. To reflect the international character students from Japan and the U.S. as well as elsewhere are invited. It is envisioned to convert this workshop into a summer course within the Departments of Nuclear Engineering of Univ. Tokyo and UC Berkeley.


This first summer school will be held July 21-25 on the UC Berkeley campus with lectures in the morning and in the afternoon, each day concluding with a social hour. This social hour as well as the breaks in between the lectures allow a more extensive conversation between students and lecturers.

As part of this week , we will tour experimental facilities of the Nuclear Engineering Department as well as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.



The summer school is jointly hosted by the Nuclear Engineering Department of UC Berkeley the Nuclear Engineering Department of Univ. Tokyo and sponsored by the Global-Center-of-Excellence of Univ. Tokyo.



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